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Like veterans and servicemen and women of the military, Ford Motor Company understands working under adverse or complex working conditions. They share the mindset that they will do whatever it takes to get the job done, like when Ford converted automobile factories to support the US Military during the war effort of the 20th Century. Those deep roots and ties that Ford has had with the US Military continues today.

Ford Motor Company seeks to hire veterans because of their proven training and discipline. They feel that being able to accommodate service members when they are called away to duty is a benefit because of the exceptional skills these individuals have acquired while serving in the military. Ford makes it a priority to allow flexibility for that employee to serve and come back to their job upon their return. Additionally, in 2007, Ford proudly instituted its veterans’ network group that not only assists and supports the service member, but also their family while they are away serving our country.

Ford colleagues offer the same camaraderie and loyalty in the workplace that veterans have enjoyed and developed with their military brothers and sisters while serving. Veterans who are looking for a good company with good people who have your back can find stability and growth opportunities at Ford Motor Company.

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